Our Products

Our Products

Al Amal Optical enables customers to choose from a range of trendy eyewear products designed with the fashion-conscious customer in mind. All this coupled with the truly unique selection of international brands from around the world justifies the popularity of Al Amal Optical as a leader in eyewear products and services in the UAE With styles ranging from avant-garde to simple and elegant, and from colorful to vivacious, customers are presented with a wide spectrum of choices to suit all their needs and tastes.


Our dedicated staff can help you choose the best frame to fit your prescription as well as your lifestyle needs.

The full range of our frames extends to vast size and color options which revolves around a comprehensive features and benefits structure, our dedicated in-store team at Al Amal Optical, consists of highly trained sales staff, licensed optometrists, and frame stylists, helping customers through every step of the way, beginning with frame selection to the fitting and dispensing of their eyewear.

Plain Glasses

We provide clear lens glasses, often known as non-prescription glasses, which have risen in popularity in recent years as a type of cosmetic eyewear. The fundamental purpose of standard prescription glasses is to correct vision.

Rx Lens

The term Rx Lenses alludes to the fact that these glasses frames may be used with prescription lenses. Prescription lenses cannot be fitted to any eyeglasses offered at optical stores. Only prescription lenses may be fitted to glasses branded "Rx-able."


Strong Tins, Picture Chromium Glass Lenses, Photo Chromium Plastic Lenses, and Polarized Lenses are all available from us. Scratch-resistant coating, ultraviolet protection (UV) coating, an anti-reflective (AR) coating are some lens coating choices. Prescription glasses are also available.

We at Al Amal Optical appreciate the importance of sunglasses as a very important part of maintaining good eye health as well as being a key fashionable accessory. Our highly selective range of the latest sunglasses models and brands are manufactured using the finest quality lenses, specially treated to filter harmful atmospheric ultraviolet radiation.

Contact Lenses

A multitude of factors impact contact lens selection, including the patient's refractive error, the eye's capacity, and the user's incentive to properly care for the lenses. Our trained staff considers customer preferences such as frequency of usage. We provide:

1.Medical Lenses

2.Color Contact Lenses

Al amal Optical is the retail market leader in contact lenses, carrying several renowned brands, such as Bausch & Lomb, for monthly and daily disposable lenses. Also, as an added benefit, offers the fastest turnaround in the country, by taking contact lens orders over the phone as well as in-store and promptly delivering all sorts of eye care products within UAE.